Implementing Lean Production


When it comes to efficient manufacturing, the concept of Lean Production is at the forefront in terms of eliminating waste and promoting quality. At Boxman Studios our goal has always been to provide outstanding service to all of our clients, and now with the recent hire of Six Sigma certified Troy Selberg as our VP of Manufacturing, we are implementing Lean Production practices system-wide.

One of the most important features of Lean Production methodology is a “true production line,” which is a process that no one in our industry utilizes. From the time a raw container comes into our shop, to the day it leaves as a fully immersive environment, it continually moves through an efficient production line. This, coupled with systems and equipment tailored to shipping container customization and modification, minimizes takt time (or cycle time) at each production stop along the line. An industry as unique as ours has no standard, which is why we have developed the tools and processes that fit our intricate needs. Lean Production is now an important part of that process. Lean Production, along with things such as lighter repurposed composite materials, and new structural designs, further reinforces our commitment to providing our clients with the best service and products in our industry.

Click here for the official press release introducing Troy to our team.