How Well Do You Weld?


Metal is the principle material we deal with at Boxman Studios, with welding at the very core of our production. From installing windows and doors to constructing multi-level buildings, our welders are experts in their craft, continually trained and always ready to tackle a new challenge.

There are three different types of metal that we weld on at Boxman Studios: cast, carbon steel, and nonferrous aluminum. Each of these three materials serves a different purpose and requires different handling and application. Knowledge and experience of all three is essential for our welders in order to guarantee safety and quality in the final product.

Besides the type of metal, welders also need to refine their approach in response to the metal’s thickness, the specific application of the feature, the equipment they’re using, the electric current, and the environment. It is a complex process that we take seriously.

Why Boxman Welders Go Above And Beyond

Boxman Studio welders are more than fully-certified. Many of our people come to us from the NASCAR world, and are accustomed to training and delivering precision in a fast-paced, competitive, and standardized environment where performance really counts.

We’ve also authored an eleven-page, Boxman Studios general weld spec that guides our production processes. This ensures that no corners are cut on our production floor (Pun intended). Whether crafting a mobile trade show exhibita permanent office space, or a one-time experiential marketing activation, our welders’ work adheres to these high standards.

The exciting thing about coming to work every day at Boxman Studios is that we are always creating something different. As our client portfolio continues to develop, becoming more varied and creative every week, our welders training, expertise, and ability to adapt ensures they can rise to the occasion and build anything that a client could need.

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