How to Throw a Party #DNC2012


We are off to Washington DC in a couple of weeks for the Conventions 2012 Expo where we’ll mingle with people coming to visit our hometown of Charlotte, NC for the 2012 Democratic National Convention. One part of the Expo that we’re particularly interested in is a ‘Party in a Box’ competition where companies from Charlotte are invited to submit an event idea for the DNC that will leave a lasting impression of Charlotte on DNC attendees. We intend to submit a concept, and are hoping to partner with an event planner or other local company to pull it off. The rules of the competition are simple:

Simply submit your idea, soup to nuts, for an event during the DNC.  It can be a daytime or nighttime event, a cocktail reception, dinner, concert, late night party, or something totally novel like a circus or a race.  The more creative the better.  Be sure to cover all the bases including theme, décor, entertainment and food and beverage and have a ballpark figure in mind for the cost of the event in case someone wants to buy it right off the shelf!!

And here’s where you come in. We’d love to hear your ideas on both where to throw a party and what kind of party to throw. After all, you’re Charlotteans – no one knows this town better than you. We’d also love for you to spread the word to Charlotte event planners and organizers to help us facilitate kind of party that not only leaves a lasting impression of the Queen City on DNC visitors, but leaves them wanting to know more about our town. And we’re not asking you to think about just one Boxman Studios venue – we encourage you to think bigger. Much bigger. Think multiple 20′ units and possibly even a 40′ cabana for an inclusive village that features the kind of innovative use of repurposing that only Charlotte can offer.

So please – send in your ideas to and let’s do something really cool together. Also we hope you’ll share this post with any smart event planners who you think might be interested in collaborating on something like this.

As always, thank you.