How The Department Of Homeland Security Safety Act Affects Your Event


September 11th irrevocably changed security fundamentals throughout the United States, particularly with the enactment of the Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act of 2002.Among other protections, SAFETY (Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies) shields facility owners – whether stadiums, community centers, office towers, or shopping malls – from liability if an act of terrorism is perpetrated. Before the law, they could be sued for failing to maintain proper security measures. What does this mean for your next event?

If you have gone to a Major League Baseball game recently, you may have noticed a few changes. For instance, Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, installed 54 concrete-encased steel barriers in front of Gates B and C to protect fans, teams, vendors, and the Green Monster from vehicles carrying explosives. MLB and other organizations are partnering with the DHS to ensure that they take the proper safety – and SAFETY – precautions and earn SAFETY Designation or Certification. This not only provides varying levels of protection for owners, it helps attract acts or talent to their venues.

Here’s where Boxman Studios comes in. Part of qualifying for SAFETY Certification is having a command center for emergency professionals, including EMTs, police, fire, and Homeland Security personnel. The command center has to allow direct views to the field, stage, or “heart” of the venue. Here at Boxman, we adhere to SAFETY regulations, and can customize a shipping container command center for your venue that meets these standards. Additional benefits of a shipping container command center include:

The Command Center. Our basic hospitality suite makes an ideal command center because of its terrific visibility and spacious dimensions. These features also make it the best seats in the house. A hospitality suite solution ensures that owners keep these venues for various guest uses, and still have the security installation they need according to the law.

Mobility. If after you install your container you discover that it doesn’t provide optimal field view, you can always move your mobile command center to a better vantage point. You also have the flexibility to reposition it for different events, which may have varying requirements and logistical concerns.

Turnkey operation. We talk, we build, we bring your shipping container to the stadium, and it works; there is no downtime. You don’t have to close off a portion of your arena or ballpark while your shipping container is built, and when it is delivered it is ready to go with minimal setup.

Reduced cost and hassle. Your container is modified and built offsite, which means you’re off the hook for construction permits, potential liability and downtime from injuries, and other risks that accompany onsite building projects. Plus, all Boxman Studios projects meet and exceed local municipality building and safety regulations.

Our mantra is, “How can we make this easier for you?” We seek to streamline the process: talk to us and let us come up with viable solutions that deliver exactly what you need. You don’t need to be an expert in the Homeland Security Act or local building codes; we’ll ensure that you, and your shipping container, comply with all applicable regulations so that you’re protected – and your guests, fans, vendors, and employees are safer.

Find out what Boxman’s team can do for you; Get in touch today.