How It’s Made: From Shipping Container to Brand Experience


The transition from shipping container to exhibit is, essentially, the process of taking a strong, sturdy, blank canvas, and transforming it into a cool, immersive experience. To do this, we work with a diverse and extensive team to cover all areas of expertise from furniture selection and material choice, to hands-on fabrication and construction, to logistics management and customer service. The team includes:

  • Project Managers and Account Executives
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Fabricators, who use welders, plasma cutters, metal benders, wood finishing tools, and more to re-build these containers from the ground up
  • Truck drivers
  • Production Managers
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Activators

All of our employees currently work out of Charlotte and Los Angeles. As a united team, our focus is to Design, Develop and Deploy a seamless experience for our clients and their customers.

Our Client Experience

Our clients and prospective clients start their Boxman Studios experience working with a member of our sales or business development division. He or she helps you clarify what you want to achieve, asking appropriate questions and building an expectations list. This discussion is built into a creative brief and statement of work that is shared with the team.

The client experience is as flexible and customized as the shipping containers themselves. Our team of experienced Project Managers and Account Executives works closely with Graphic Designers and Architects to develop a solution that will achieve your unique objectives and goals. Which layouts will best meet your needs? Is a specific roof structure conducive to comfort or functionality? How can we facilitate the interactions you want? Depending on your needs, this process can be highly collaborative, or you can put your design into the hands of our seasoned experts. Once a design is finalized and approved, we can get to work on pricing, fabrication, and activation.

Depending on a project’s complexity, plus specific needs and timelines, this process can take anywhere from several days to several months. In the end, our focus is always that you are completely satisfied with a creative and personalized venue for your business venture.

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