Happy Holidays from Our CEO, David Campbell


As 2016 ends and our team begins to ramp-up for the new year, today seemed like the perfect time to reflect on everything that we have accomplished, how we arrived here, and our plans for a very exciting future!

First, I would like to acknowledge the entire Boxman Studios team and their families, our wonderful vendors, and truly amazing clients. We wouldn’t be here without contributions from every single person. So, I want you all to know how much I appreciate the effort and commitment to this company and its journey. I am in complete awe of everything we’ve accomplished. Thank you.

This year has been one of obstacles and challenges, but also one of change and growth for our team. As shown by our amazing work this year, we’ve branched out and solidified our expertise in the areas of experiential marketing & events, food service, and on-demand retail. We’ve solidified our solution-based restaurant services, introduced two new products (the Simple 7’ and BrewCube), launched a brand-new website, and published a new eBook, Shipping Container Restaurants 101.

Below, you may see some examples of the innovative work my team has produced in the last 12 months.

Holiday Inn

Zatar at MOS&T

Fresh Box at UNM

#LookAtThePictures with HBO

BeautyKind Marketing Tour

Shark Wake Park

Facebook at the RNC

Our team is growing, business is flourishing, and every day we get better at what we do. I’m so grateful to all of you for coming on this journey with us and watching us develop into the company that I always knew we could be. Boxman Studios has a very bright future, and though no one can say where we’ll land, I know that it will be great.

Happy Holidays,

David Campbell