Happy Holidays From David Campbell & Boxman Studios


Wow another year – Normally when I write these (much later in December than I should) I talk about the past year, what it’s meant to us, and how it will influence our future. And it’s true – we’ve had an unbelievable year. We experienced another year of growth, not just sales growth but the kind of growth that happens through hard work and an organization focused on constant improvement.

Although this has been a banner year, I prefer to focus on the future – but in order to do that I’d be remiss to not first express my gratitude to every team member, vendor, and client that helped us get this point. It is purely with the efforts and trust of ‘all’ that allowed us to succeed.  It wasn’t easy, and it isn’t over but I’m in awe of the continuous effort.

So what’s to come?

2019 marks a huge milestone for our team. It’s our 10th year in business and this means much more to us than you might imagine. We’ll be celebrating “Y10” with a series of internal and external programs. Internally, we’ll be refocusing on further solidifying our corporate culture around innovation. Our goal is to lift each other up through curating and developing ideas, focusing on education and supporting our team as experts in their field.

Externally, we’ll be asking community thought leaders to help us develop how physical space will be understood and used in the future.

  • What role will mobility and modular construction play in future construction?
  • How important will condensed timelines be?
  • How do we evolve immersive, experiential concepts and drive good ideas into the future for the next generation?
  • How can we approach this mission with empathy and respect?

As we continue our growth, there will be more demand for our kind of work. Now more than ever industries need their buildings to be mobile, turnkey, and constructed under restrictive schedules all while being iconic. Industries need buildings that can fit into unusual footprints.

Once our greatest impacts were conceptual. We used ideas to affect change. Now we are affecting people every day in a very meaningful way. As we move up the demand bell curve and become more mainstream, we are committed to finding the artistry in standardization and to creating efficiencies while maintaining our bespoke core.

  • We believe in the power of designing space to build communities.
  • We believe that our building method and unique process have the power to change businesses for the better.
  • We believe in creating transformational, life-altering, remarkable experiences.

These beliefs have been our foundation for the past 10 years and will be key in further defining our future.



David Campbell

CEO, Boxman Studios