From Outside to Inside: Designing the Whole Event Experience


What’s the one detail that will turn a mildly interested event-goer into a wildly enthusiastic brand ambassador? When is the tipping point between like and love? Where do they find the motivation to follow your brand, check it out online, or visit a physical location?

It could be the excitement they get from interacting with your space. It could be the dynamic music you played, or the great food you served. That’s why at Boxman Studios, we pay attention to every detail in, on, and around your shipping container experience. It all starts with strategic design that supports your objectives and goals.

Working Outside In

Most of the time, our design team starts on the outside of the experience and then works their way into the container itself. Do you want to be seen across a crowded parking lot? What kind of space or footprint do we have to work with? How do you want people to flow through the experience?

Then we turn our sights to the inside where everything from the flooring to lighting is considered. We’re sticklers for detail because we know details matter. The elements inside are strategically chosen and placed to ensure you reach your brand goals.

Do you want guests to come in and stay a while for maximum interaction? Cushy couches and VIP lounges would go a long way in making them feel comfortable. Do you want a higher volume of people to flow through the environment? Chic barstools may be a better option. No matter what the asset, it is there for a purpose – and that purpose is to accomplish your goals and make your event a success.

See It Before You Experience It

Boxman Studios’ Project Managers work closely with the design team to procure products and materials. If you need a specific chair from a specific manufacturer in a specific color, our Project Managers are on it. When they determine if it’s available, it allows us to create renderings that accurately represent what the final product will look – and to some extent, feel like.

Our design team is committed to turning your vision into reality and creating a shipping container experience that lives up to all of your expectations. We’re betting that in the end, your audience attraction goes from like to love.

Here at Boxman Studios, every detail is carefully planned and executed so you can deploy the experience and be ready to interact with guests immediately. We take care of everything so that all you have to do is Just Add People.