Flexibility On The Job: How Boxman Studios Deals With Change Orders


“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” Businessman Robert Gallagher

Branded shipping container installations are not out-of-the-box, plug-and-play deals; they are living, breathing extensions of a brand. And anything that lives and breathes is subject to change. Change isn’t necessarily good or bad; it just is. How a company responds to it, that’s the key to staying on time and on-budget while exceeding expectations.

We work to minimize change orders by:

Taking A Comprehensive Brief

The more details covered in the initial phases of planning, the better. We encourage our clients to ask as many questions as possible, and to be prepared to field just as many from us. Having a firm understanding of the scope and goals of the project early on helps avoid last-minute changes down the road.

Maintaining Open Communication

We understand that you might not know which questions to ask. That’s why our experienced design team, engineers, and logisticians get involved early in order to avoid common ‘problem’ scenarios. Together, we create a road map to help us get from point A to point Z. Open communication is as vital from our original conversation as it is right up through the completion of the project.

Build In As Much Lead-time As Possible

Time is a precious commodity. More is always better – but more is not always realistic. That’s why we attempt to create as much lead time as possible for building the brand experience. This ensures something like a ‘cushion’ to help compensate for unforeseen modifications and adjustments, or to clear changes with others up the line without impacting the final delivery. Marketing teams thinking about their 2014 event submissions should contact Boxman studios now.

Despite our best attempts, we realize that change is sometimes inevitable. Perhaps L’Oreal has just signed a deal with Lea Michelle, and now they want to feature her as part of the external branding on the container? Or maybe an event planned for Battery Park has moved to Madison Square Garden? These things happen. You know it; we know it.

Rest assured that when you work with Boxman Studios, you’re working with a partner who has seen everything. We are committed to developing unique solutions that deliver on objectives – and that solve any problems and changes that crop up. Because, they do.

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