Five Things You Didn’t Know About Boxman Studios


The number one misconception we hear is that we only rent single-container hospitality suites. This was a surprise to us because we tackle an incredible variety of projects. This misconception made us think: what else might people not know about Boxman Studios? So we decided to put a list together.

Even Our Rental Shipping Containers Are Customized.

Every shipping container that leaves Boxman Studios does so with some element of customization. Even when the container is part of our existing rental assets. The level of customization may differ, but you’re going to get what you want and need for your brand goals.

Yes, You Can Purchase Your Shipping Container.

We don’t do rentals exclusively. In fact, our specialty is creating fully customized shipping container environments. When you buy, you get exactly what you want. If you want flamingo pink walls, great. If you want custom countertops, or restored wood flooring, you got it. Every detail – from functionality to aesthetics – is designed and built exactly to your specifications.

There Is No Standard Configuration.

It’s true that shipping containers come in standard sizes of 20, 40, and 53 feet, but that’s where standardization ends. We create purpose-built shipping containers that we can modify to fit virtually any length in any kind of scenario. Whether we’re stacking them, placing them side-by-side, or thinking about any other non-conforming arrangement, there is no one “standard” that we work to. That is, except for safety standards (for which we never waiver.) We work to make the shipping container fit your project, not the other way around.

We’re Not “Off The Rack.”

You don’t order a #15 or a #7 and then wait for it to show up at your door. Designing and building your shipping container is an ongoing conversation, a partnership between you and Boxman Studios. However, the process itself is highly streamlined. We make every effort to ensure efficiency throughout the process so that your vision is realized and you have an experience that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

We Believe In Betterment.

Everything we do is done through this lens: what can we do to make this process or product better for the customer and the project? To achieve this goal, we strive to keep our team sharp, our ideas fresh, and our approach open-minded.

We don’t just do suites. We don’t just do industrial looks. We don’t just offer rentals. We don’t just do anything! Once we toss the just out, we’re open to anything, from multi-level activations to permanent installations, from office furniture to mobile command centers, from week-long trade shows to traveling campaigns that criss-cross the continent. If there’s anything we “just” do, it’s what you need for a successful experiential marketing experience.

Find out what Boxman’s team can do for you; Get in touch today.