Drumroll please…


If you’ve been following along with us this past month here, you know we conducted a little contest to name our new restaurant, and yesterday we revealed the top five finalists. Today, we reveal the actual name.

Ladies and gentlemen, the name of the Boxman Studios restaurant is…BleuBox. I know what you’re saying, ‘Wait…this name wasn’t in the list yesterday!’ And you’re right. This name was provided by the 5-year old daughter of the brother of the Boxman Studios owner – last night. And it’s so good, we’re running with it. Yes, Stephanie (Punky, as she’s known to her relatives and close friends) is going to receive the $500 in savings bonds so she doesn’t spend it all on Bella Sara cards and Silly Bandz.

We still hope you continue following us, and become a patron of our restaurant, BleuBox.

Thanks for playing. And thanks for being such a great community!

And if you’re still reading, then you’re probably looking for this link.