Derita Makes a Decision


It is with great pleasure to announce that as a result of meeting face-to-face to discuss their concerns regarding our restaurant, The Derita-Statesville Road Community Organization has posted this in their newsletter:
What’s this noise about making mobile restaurants out of old Cargo Boxes?Dave Campbell of Boxman Studios (Charlotte) is actually developing other uses for re-furbished metal cargo containers like those used on ships. Some are already in use as temporary hospitality suites. In some areas (like New Orleans) they are being tested as storm-resistant housing. Campbell has suggested using one or two as mobile snack bars that would serve healthy lunches to downtown workers (only).DSRCO doesn’t have a problem with this particular vendor, but with the vague wording of the text amendment, which would open this up to other vendors who could operate anywhere in the County, and who might not be as willing to work with neighborhoods where they might decide to set up shop.