Cozy up to your Customer


Cozy up to your customer.. Hold your horses. I’m not suggesting you grab some cocoa and snuggle by the fire with them. But, since this time of year becomes frantic with traffic, shopping, dining, and endless to do lists at work and at home, a very basic question does come up for your business. With all of the obstacles between your customer and you, will they bother to make the trek? I’ll answer my own question.

Hopefully yes. Probably no.

Your customers likely fall into one of two categories: 1) they live walking-distance from your location, in which case, you lucked out and life is good, or 2) they don’t live within walking distance and the journey from their home to your location just became one more “to do” that may never get crossed off. I’m guessing the majority of your clientele is category 2.

I saw four car wrecks on my way into work this morning. For most of us, opening a new bank account or buying that last stocking stuffer isn’t worth risking life and limb. So what would happen if you came to the customer instead of hoping they come to you? Since you still need to make money and they need convenience (and less traffic), it’s time to try a new holiday tactic to get closer to your customers. And, the best way to do that is with a mobile pop-up location. Just think how grateful they will be for that little extra snuggle time!