Charlotte Hounds VIP Lounge


If you’re out at a Charlotte Hounds Lacrosse game this year, be sure to take a look down on the field to see one of our very own Boxman Studios 20-foot suites serving as a VIP Lounge.

For the 2013 season, the Charlotte Hounds wanted to offer their biggest fans a true premium experience. We provided a solution in the form of one of our Hospitality Suites. We set up our 20-foot repurposed and modified shipping container on the sidelines so that guests could have a great view of the on-field action while also enjoying a full service bar and a lounge area.

Wade Leaphart, Hounds General Manager, said, “With Memorial Stadium being an older venue, there are limited facilities available. A shipping container space offered a great solution with a unique look and feel, and a private club environment.”

We’re proud to partner with the Charlotte Hounds for their 2013 season. Click here to view their schedule, and maybe we’ll see you out at a game.

Photos courtesy of Mike Newcomer