Boxman TED Active


From February 28 to March 4, 2011, TEDActive held its annual event in Palm Springs, California, and Boxman Studios was honored to be a part of it. TEDActive brings together some of the world’s foremost innovators who interact and learn from each other and then take this knowledge back to their communities and professional spaces to implement ideas at the local level.

In the scope of things, our contribution to the conference was rather small, but we did provide a custom stage for  TEDActive’s House Band “Dinah Shore, Jr.” to celebrate the first night of TEDActive. You can check out the opening day video here.

“Our partnership with Boxman Studios exemplifies TEDActive’s culture of launching experimental ideas through innovation and collaboration. We’re proud of the efforts we all made to debut the first use of a Boxman Studio unit as a performance space,” says Sarah Shewey of TEDActive.

We’re grateful to have been part of such an important initiative in TEDActive, and look forward to taking an active role in the communities we serve in the future.