Boxman Studios: Leading The Charge For Safer Event Venues


The most effective shipping container structures are built on a foundation of high-quality design, engineering, materials, and workmanship. Boxman Studios is setting the standard for safety in the events and entertainment industries, ensuring venues are structurally sound and conform to all applicable building and safety codes.

Setting the Standard for Safety

Our proactive approach has led us to initiate a number of measures designed to safeguard the wellbeing of anyone who comes into contact with our shipping container structures. This means that, while we’re innovative and frequently develop and use new techniques and materials; we don’t just “wing” it. We follow a standard for every weld, every cut, and every modification. We also rely on an unbiased third-party company that evaluates each of our structures to ensure compliance with those standards.

Setting the Standard for the Industry

Beyond ensuring that our structures are safe, we put a specification and code to everything we create. These specifications are useful tools for permitting officials. Upon request, we can bring these certifications to a municipality or venue organizer to demonstrate that all of our welds, for instance, were performed to a known quality spec.

We were recently in Jacksonville, Florida, for our Playmaker’s Club event activation. It was the first three-story mobile hospitality experience deployed in North America, and a historic event for the city. But the challenge was: how do we move through the permitting process when no one has ever seen anything like this before?

The Jacksonville authorities were remarkable; we had great cooperation from the city and were able to show them which codes we were following and how they pertained to their specific building codes. The city not only approved our permitting, officials went one step further. They said that any structure in the mobile hospitality industry has to be built to Boxman Studios guidelines and that companies must provide the same information as to specs and standards.

Anyone with a torch can modify a shipping container but not everyone takes such an exacting, diligent approach to safety. The last thing that we want is for people to get hurt, and our strict adherence to high standards helps prevent this. Our goal is to become the go-to company that people can trust.

We want people to demand the highest level of quality and safety, regardless of who builds their event structures. We encourage municipalities to ask us whether a structure has been designed or installed correctly, so that they are confident in the permitting process. We are developing industry-wide specifications that any company, any building authority or code inspector, any city or county can refer to as a way to ensure that structures are sound and safe.

If you’re a leader, you have to act like a leader. At Boxman Studios, we don’t just say it; we do it. We are leading the charge for safer venues and building the standards that will help the entire industry protect its participants, customers, vendors, acts, and employees.