Boxman Studios Around the World: Become a Strategic Partner as We Grow


Since 2009, Boxman Studios has been designing, building, and deploying immersive shipping container experiences that wow audiences and help brands achieve their objectives with a big return on investment (ROI). As we move into international markets, we’re looking to add strategic partners who are as committed, as excited, and as passionate about shipping container architecture as we are.

Creating Experiences that Know No Bounds

Our ability to create effective shipping container environments is entirely contingent on the caliber of the people who do it. Whether they’re working with us in our Charlotte facility, or as a partner in China, London, or South Africa, there are certain things we look for in the people who we partner with:

  • People who have experience with heavy metals, tradeshows, and shipping container architecture.
  • Fabricators who want to expand their service offerings to include modifying shipping containers and reselling finished products.
  • Design firms that focus on experiential marketing and tradeshows.

Partners – Not Distributors

We’re interested in strategic partners, not franchisees or distributors. Boxman Studios is actively building a best practices group that will utilize and leverage our experience, knowledge, and standards – and so we’re looking for strategic partners who will help us expand our expertise as we further develop shipping container architecture as an industry.

Part of creating a network of strategic partners means establishing systems that encompass everything from weld specifications to material recommendations to work order processes that can be used independently or in conjunction with other systems to create a consistent final product regardless of where in the world it’s built.

Defining Global Industry Standards

Over the years, we have worked diligently to ensure the name “Boxman Studios” is synonymous with safety and quality. And because there is no standardized code for modifying shipping containers – we’re creating one that focuses on international building code and other applicable standards.

Based on our best practices, developed over hundreds of successful projects, we are ensuring the integrity of the modified shipping container experience, and the safety of everyone who interacts with our creations. Our global partners will share this commitment and adhere to the best practices we have worked hard to establish.

Whether clients turn to Boxman Studios’ North American professionals, or our partners around the world, they can rest assured that our high standards are consistent and that our end-products are nothing short of amazing.