Boxman Blood Drive – July 15


On Tuesday, July 15, we’re rolling up our sleeves at Boxman Studios to give back to our community in our first ever Blood Drive. The American Red Cross will be on hand at our HQ and we invite you to join us for this important event.

Why Give Blood? Simple, it saves lives.
  • – Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.
  • – More than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day.
  • – More than 1 million new people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Many of them will need blood, sometimes daily, during their chemotherapy treatment.
  • – One pint of blood can save up to three lives.
  • – A car accident victim can require as many as 100 pints of blood.
  • – Blood cannot be manufactured. It can only come from generous donors.

The process takes about an hour, and that includes the time to rest and recover afterward. But fear not we’ll have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand and we’re also offering tours of our container manufacturing facility when you’re up and about.

Here at Boxman Studios, we hang our hats on fabricating amazing experiences out of old shipping containers. But blood is something that can’t be fabricated. It has to come from the heart. Please consider opening up your heart and giving this amazing gift of life.

To ensure everyone has an opportunity to give, please contact Megan Walker here at Boxman at 704.333.3733 or to secure a time slot. Thank you.