Beyond the Box. Boxman Studios’ Design Process


Depending on who you are, the reasons you’re interested in shipping container architecture may vary. For environmental advocates, reusing cargo containers that might otherwise be left to rust away in a port is an exciting prospect. For those driven to realize ROI, the potential to reduce construction timelines and bring a business to market faster makes a big difference! And the chance to provide a truly unique immersive experience would tantalize marketing professionals and innovative brands. For designers, the greatest value proposition shipping container architecture offers lies in the truly endless possibility of containers. Here, we see beyond the box. Our design process helps us unlock the possibilities and build applications that meet our client’s needs while pushing our own boundaries and understanding of what is possible. When we come to work, we ask, “What can we create today?”

What is this magic trick that unlocks a shipping container’s potential? Our unique design processes! Here’s a quick look:

Initial Drawings | Typically, you would come to us with a concept to flesh out. We capture the idea and translate it into a 3D representation. As with all our processes, collaboration is key. Our designers employ best practices along with a deep understanding of experiential design to develop innovative concepts. When we think we have something great, we bounce the ideas off our project managers (resident experts in how to actually implement forward-thinking ideas) who ask the important questions: How will we make the structure stable and sound? Will it meet our safety requirements? Will it work with the local code? Will it fit within your budget?

Client Approval | After our initial concept has been fleshed out, we bring conceptual drawings to you. If the client like’s our initial direction, we bring in project management to determine how best to assemble the container structure. We can even do structural tests to jumpstart the engineering process. If the visuals aren’t quite right or the client wants to try another direction, we revise our initial drawings.

Engineering | All of our structures are put through stringent code reviews and meets the highest standards for quality and safety. We don’t cut corners in the structural design of our structures. Are the staircases wide enough? Will they be slippery? Do we have the right number of egress points from all levels? Are travel paths within the code limits? What is the life safety plan? You don’t have to worry. These questions all get answered during our engineering process.

Shop Drawings | After our in-house engineering department finishes their structural drawings, we have them reviewed and stamped by a 3rd party architectural firm. From these stamped drawings, we create our shop plans, which will be the guide for our manufacturing and purchasing team once your project is slated for production.

Although our design department will usually tap-out once your structure has entered manufacturing, the process is always ongoing. Our ability to be flexible, think creatively, solve problems and adapt quickly has helped us to deliver some of the most iconic shipping container structures for our clients. Can you imagine what we could do for you? Find out by reaching out to us through our contact page.




This post was originally published on 2/3/2014. Due to its popularity, it was updated with new information on 1/24/2019.