An Expert’s Take on Boxman Studios


Guest post by Murray Chapple

Peers. Colleagues. Contemporaries. We all have them. And in business, it’s always nice when they notice our work.  Just a little bonus, a little affirmation of our contribution.
In my work as an exhibit designer, I’ll build up a few thousand square feet in a very big room for a few short days in hopes my clients will be well represented by their physical, albeit very temporary, surroundings.  With NASCAR as one of my clients, the task is to balance the corporate message with the product offerings as well as play to the fan appeal of the tradeshow attendees.  Not always an easy task…

This week, I’m in Orlando at the Performance Racing Industry tradeshow.  This year, the booth space grew but the budget didn’t.  I chose a Boxman Studios venue to make it happen.  Working with David Campbell, we pulled together a few adaptations, added a couple bits, made several tweaks and threw that big ol’ box on a truck.

Due to NASCAR’s booth space being near the center of the show floor, the container needed to be placed before virtually any other freight was delivered.  That meant it sat there for a day or two, unopened.  Over the next couple days, carpet was laid, a large bright sign was hung overhead and racecars took their places.  And the box was opened.

As I worked about the booth, I began to notice more than a few folks would stop, take a long look at the Boxman, turn to walk away and look back…  I heard things like, “I wondered what that was for”, “That’s genius” and “I know what that WAS used for, but now – you aced it”.  The “very unique” and “cool, very cool” comments are nice.  “Heck with the hotel, I’ll just stay here” drew a smile. One lady pointed at the bamboo floors and said, “See this, honey?  This is what I want at home” as they walked by with their booth supplies.  And then the clients arrived.  An early comment was “OK, so next fall in Las Vegas, can we…”

Compliments. Accolades.  Call them what you will.  The show opens tomorrow and I feel as if the booth has already succeeded.  Thank you Boxman.  Attaboy David.

Murray Chapple, WhirlyPig Design
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