An Appetite for Lighting


Imagine walking into your favorite restaurant for the first time.  

What was your first impression? What did you see? A majority of our first impressions are largely based on sight and visual elements. Elements as simple as lighting can greatly factor into how we view and judge a company’s brand personality.  

The goal of creating a brand personality is to connect with your customers. It’s about turning a company that can often come across as cold and impersonal into something relatable.  

The increasing usage of LED lights has become a worldwide phenomenon due to their energy-efficiency and long-lasting illumination. However, these aren’t the only reasons why more companies are switching to these energy-efficient bulbs.  

How can the use of LED lights give your company more character? By placing lights in unique spaces or highlighting some architectural features on the outside and inside of your office spaces. The use of outdoor lights can influence more clients to perceive your company as lively and inviting versus the plain and average looking landscape. Who wants to walk into a dim looking office? Today’s LED bulbs can emit as much light as a 40-watt incandescent bulb using less than 9 watts of electricity and will last about 10 times as long as the average fluorescent bulb.  

The plethora of colors LED offers can help you develop the right tone and personality you want to put on display. First, evaluating the goals of your company’s atmosphere can help dictate the type and quantity of lights. 

Setting a warm ambient light can make space feel more personal. In contrast, a brighter whiter light may be purposeful in generating more outside audience attraction. Generic lighting design only considers horizontal surface light levels, but a good lighting designer incorporates vertical surfaces (like using track lighting to illuminate on a wall) to make a space feel brighter. 

 When you look at the use of lighting in this image above, what impression comes to mind? The use of these LED lights leaves a more professional and organized impression of the company. Proper lighting can illuminate your company’s logo and brand message.  

Be aware, when applying LED lights, make sure you do not use too many, and evaluate the best placement and space. Remember, you want to cultivate a feeling of familiarity as well as professionalism.   

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