A Battle Like No Other


Last weekend reminded us why there’s no time quite like college football time. Bristol Motor Speedway was completely transformed into a spectacle unlike any other. The inaugural rivalry game between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Virginia Tech Hokies was one for the books. And we couldn’t help but notice how much the Speedway transformation reminded us of our day-to-day life here at Boxman.

The Transformation

19 days. That’s all the time crews had to bring to life a football field in the middle of a racetrack. Talk about quick turnaround. Jerry Caldwell, Executive VP and GM of Bristol Motor Speedway breaks it down for us:

Every minute of every day for those 19 days was choreographed. We have to move all the tractor trailers out, we have to raise our infield almost three and a half feet. We’ll bring in 450 dump truck loads of material to do that, and then put the field on top of it. At the same time, start building grandstands on the front stretch and the back stretch — we will add grandstands in the end zones, we will start converting some of the buildings in the infield into locker rooms.

Video courtesy of seccountry.com

The Takeaway

Team work makes a dream work. After years of deliberations and negotiations, the hard work clearly paid off. A college football attendance record was broken (156,990 in the crowd) and a different kind of life was breathed into Bristol Motor Speedway. The Vols walked away with a win and thousands of people walked away with an experience of a lifetime.

That’s our goal here at Boxman Studios. We want to help you create memorable experiences that are authentic and leave a lasting impression on your audience. To find out more about the Boxman process, give us a shout.