7 Buildings You Didn’t Know Could Be Made with Shipping Containers


Shipping container architecture is so exciting because it is practically limitless. If you can dream it, you can build it.

So, what have people around the world dreamt up to date?

  • Schools

Would you send your child to school or daycare in a shipping container? You would if it was anything like the Fawood Children’s Centre in London. Beautifully modern, clean, and bright, children have spacious, comfortable classrooms, nurseries, and play areas. Countries around the world, both developing and developed, are taking advantage of the convenience, speed, and cost-savings of shipping container architecture.

  • Hotels

In Nan Dazhan Cun, China, you can stay at a “5 star” hotel made of 35 shipping containers. If you think of industrial steel when you think of containers, look at Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House’s gorgeous traditional design and soft and soothing tones.

  • Museums

The famous Nomadic Museum is stunning for its contrasts. Outside, the steel boxes have been left intact, creating an industrial look. Inside, you might think you were in a cathedral. Soaring ceilings, dramatic columns, and space create a serene atmosphere.

  • Prisons

Images of cruel and unusual punishment might come to mind when we think of prisoners in steel boxes. Rest assured that these prisons are not only quite nice – as far as jails go! – but also cost-effective and green. Rimutaka Prison in New Zealand eased overcrowding by converting containers to cells and showers. A container cell is about half the price of a conventional cell.

  • Offices

MVP, a printing company in Santa Ana, California, wanted a way to provide office space in their warehouse so they wouldn’t have to spend outrageous amounts heating and cooling the place. They brought in 10 containers for instant, and chic, offices. Containers can be the structure, or they can be inside the structure. Their uses are unlimited.

  • Malls

Boxpark Mall in London was built on a vacant stretch of tony Shoreditch High Street. Sixty containers created a two-storey structure which houses shops, galleries, restaurants, and cafes.

  • Cities

Container City in London was installed in four days and fitted out in just 5 months. It provides office and residential space that feature affordable rents and sophisticated, trendy interiors.

From houses, apartment buildings, work spaces, restaurants, to exhibit halls, trade booths, gymnasiums, playgrounds, community centers, hospitals, emergency shelters – the list goes on and on. The question isn’t what can you build with shipping containers, but what can’t you build. When you stop to think about it, it’s a tough question to answer.

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