5 Ways Boxman Studios Ensures Quality & Safety


Shipping containers are safe. They are structurally sound, and they are incredibly strong. But when you drastically modify them, cut, weld, and change the structure are they still safe? Are they still as sound and as strong?


At Boxman Studios we adhere to strict standards to ensure the highest quality and safety for our customers and employees. Shipping containers are safe for goods; we make them safe for people, and the creative applications for them that people dream up.

As shipping containers gain prominence as an eco-friendly and niche building material, various companies have sprung up to capitalize from this trend. Unfortunately, safety and quality are not consistent across the board, but here at Boxman Studios we have a goal to be the industry leader. For example, we have implemented the following measures to help raise industry safety standards in shipping container architecture:

1. AMSE Certification

AMSE develops codes and standards associated with mechanical engineering. Used by over 100 countries around the world, AMSE is a leader in code development. ASME certification means that Boxman Studios is able to meet and exceed these high standards.

2. Third-Party Safety Inspector

Our quality is backed by Froehling & Roberston, a third-party quality control company. We do this for risk mitigation and to demonstrate to our customers that we do not inspect our own containers and processes. F&R also provides quality assurance for nuclear power plants.

3. Stamped Engineering Drawings

The specs we use are stamped engineered drawings. This means that they were developed or approved directly by an engineer and that they, themselves, have gone through quality control process. When a third-party inspector comes into the warehouse, he/she uses the drawings and evaluates whether the container adheres to the QC specs – to the letter.

4. Specialized Training for Technicians

Boxman technicians are rigorously trained, and our processes for operations, such as welding, are stringent. This training ensures that our employees are protected, while also ensuring safety and quality for the end-user.

5. Development of Specifications

There are no industry-wide specs for modified shipping containers, and we’re working hard to change this by developing specifications that meet and exceed applicable standards.

The shipping container architecture industry is evolving rapidly. Materials and techniques are growing more sophisticated and efficient. And we’re leading the charge here at Boxman Studios. Change is constant, and while our processes encourage and support innovation, they also improve quality and safety standards.

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