5 Core Values at the Heart of our Innovative Process


The Boxman Studios Core Values are the yardstick for everything we do. We hire and fire based on them. We paint our walls based on them. We make our decisions with these values in mind, because this is who we are, as employees and as people.

At Boxman Studios we are…

Passionate, Dedicated, Hungry for Knowledge

We live by the principal that the job isn’t finished until the job is finished. We push ourselves. We push each other. And that means sometimes working outside of our set job descriptions and expectations. That endemic culture of learning and betterment mean every member of our team, to the benefit of our clients, is constantly on the hunt for new methods and materials.

Driven to Do the Impossible

“Not Possible” isn’t part of our lexicon. No matter the constraint, problem or obstacle there’s a way around it. There’s a way over it. There’s a way through it. We believe we can solve any problem with our unique methodology and outside the box thinking.

Solving Problems via Innovation and Imagination

Our clients come to us for solutions, not a rinse and repeat mentality. While our Kinetic Series product line offers a new level of standardization for Boxman Studios, every build is still customized for every single client. Because we listen first, collaborate openly, and raise the bar on every project, innovation is welded right into every container that leaves our doors!

Prioritizing Family, Fun, and Respect

Honesty and integrity in our people and through our actions is our priority. We move fast. Without trust, empathy, and a commitment to teamwork, we couldn’t create these amazing spaces for our clients.

Setting the Standard for Quality

There are plenty of providers that can cut holes in a beat-up container. That’s not what we do. While we’re capable of these kinds of modifications, we excel on the luxury, high finish projects. We turn (or build) containers into remarkable experiences, and that takes a level of quality, ingenuity, and imagination that doesn’t happen at your run-of-the mill steel shop.

Having shared values within our organization helps us stay on the same page, move faster, and make better decisions. As we grow and change, our values get tugged around and challenged, but remain intact. They serve as flexible spines, allowing us to stretch and experiment while remaining rooted in our core principles. We look to them for answers and guidance in the good times and the bad. That’s what makes us such a resilient team and strong business!