4 Ways Shipping Containers Can Make A Splash at MLB Events


Football fans shouldn’t have a monopoly on tailgate parties. Major League Baseball devotees should get a piece of the action too. By creating a branded team zone from a modified shipping container, team and stadium facility managers can offer ticket-holders a reason to show up early, extending the experience beyond the game itself.

Shipping containers make great branded hospitality and retail points, and offer an exciting new opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in team culture.

Here are some great ideas for using shipping container to enhance the MLB experience:

1.     Create a Tailgate Culture for Baseball Parks:

Grill under the gullwing awning and start a game of ladder golf. MLB teams can supercharge pre-game excitement by fostering a tailgate culture with a modified shipping container as the epicenter.

Tailgate parties create a new sales window for team merchandise and tickets.  Even those who don’t go to the game might come for the party; equip your shipping container with a media center and they can stick around after the game starts.

2.     Mascot Pre-game Fun:

Imagine a pre-game meet-and-greet with Billie the Marlin or Mariner Moose. Make lifelong fans of your youngest customers and build community with a mascot HQ, custom-designed from a repurposed shipping container, and complete with mascot gear for sale.

3.     Give Them a VIP Experience:

Offer MLB fans the VIP experience with a pre-game hospitality box just outside the ball park.

Replicate the stadium’s VIP suites to create a luxury lounge experience. This can promote the stadium’s VIP facility to one segment of your fan-base, while offering a fun and memorable experience to another.

4.     Pre- and Post-game Sponsored Events:

MLB teams can partner with companies to sponsor pre- and post-game zones, building sponsor brand recognition, adding merchandizing opportunities, and giving fans another positive experience at the ball park.

Remember that modified shipping containers let you to take your brand on the road. From spring training in Florida and Arizona, to an away game in Chicago, this portable solution is highly visible and configurable in many settings.

You also get the flexibility to experiment within your available space. If you’re not getting strong sales traffic in one area, move across the parking lot. That’s the beauty of portability.

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