4 Reasons Retailers Thrive on Music Festival Vibes


Kicking off this month are big-time events like The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and that means tons of brands are looking to be a part of that consumer experience.

From the bohemian-inspired fashions to the total saturation of social media, brands are looking to reach the affluent audience that these festivals typically attract. Continue reading to find out why retail brands thrive in the festival environment.

Festival Fashion is all about their individuality

If you’re a successful retailer, you’ve probably thought about how to differentiate your brand. How can you be truly unique, and communicate who you are and what you stand for to people who are just passing by? Your audience is, at this moment, working through the same dilemma.

Fashion and brand association help festival goers/everyone communicate who they are or who they want to be. You are able to capitalize on this natural desire and differentiate by getting really creative with your inventory.

You’re reaching thousands of people on an individual level

Music festivals bring in tons of people, from all over the country. Lots of events do. That’s not what makes them special. Festivals should be pivotal in your branding, marketing, and sales plan because of their ability to bring people and your brand ambassadors together on a personal level – inspiring connections that would otherwise be missed.

Retailers align their product with a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Music Festivals are singular experiences. Even if someone has attended before or has plans to attend again in the future, there are specific and special memories associated with that experience. Working to build an emotional connection between your brand and their memory of the experience develops unparalleled loyalty.

Festival trends are constantly evolving

The really exciting part of festival trends is, they are constantly changing to improve the attendee’s experience. This means that there are several opportunities for retailers to be innovative and change up their offerings based on need.
So, get out there and make those connections with your market! Festivals are the perfect environment to differentiate yourself, evolve your brand, and touch thousands of lives on an individual and emotional level. If you’re interested in a mobile retail space that you can pick up and drop down on any fairgrounds, contact Boxman Studios about our On-Demand Retail assets built from shipping containers.