4 Factors That Affect The Price Of An Activation


Because of our ability to customize containers to deliver virtually any kind of branded experience for our clients, costs definitely vary. That’s why we always sit down at the start of a project to talk about scope, timelines, and yes, the costs associated with an activation.

No two activations are ever the same. Generally speaking, the following four factors have the greatest influence on activation pricing:

  1. Lease Price

Clients have the option to purchase, rent, or lease an activation. The campaign length, the number of activations, and the project budget all come in to play. Leasing may be a better option for those that don’t want the inventory on the books, while buying can be more economical for open-ended campaigns or more permanent structures.

  1. Transportation

Boxman’s fleet of trucks, trailers, forklifts, and drivers take part in every activation. The extent of support that a client needs on the road depends on the complexity, size, and mileage of an event (not to mention the resources of their own team.) When working through the logistics portion of a project, we make sure to focus on the key players and resources that are required to ensure a smooth trip, as well as one that complies with Department of Transportation regulations.

  1. Branding

Our containers come alive with brand personality during the development phase. We have the capabilities to apply wraps and vinyl graphics, fabric panels, valances, and much more in order to ensure that a brand is both recognizable and eye-catching. There are lots of options to explore regarding branding, and they all directly affect the bottom line.

  1. Customization

Customization is where the rubber really hits the road. Our fabricators, engineers, and design team can achieve virtually anything you dream up for your brand, but levels of customization obviously affect pricing. For lease and purchase customers, project budget acts as the primary factor on how extensive a customization can be.

The conversation around price always begins by taking a client’s assets into consideration. For example, existing furniture and fixtures, banners, and wraps, can possibly integrate into the concept design to reduce pricing. But it all comes back to communication: once we know what your ultimate goals are, we can help you determine which finishes will make the most impact.

At Boxman Studios we are a full-service provider. From design, to manufacturing, to deployment – we can take your project from concept directly to your audience. Because pricing affects most decision making in the business world; we make sure clients always get the most value from their shipping container investment.

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