3 Ways to Reduce Trade Show Stress


When you think of the most stressful jobs, what comes to mind? CareerCast.com has a stress inventory by which they measure how mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding a job can be. Enlisted soldiers, firefighters, airline pilots, military personnel, and police officers have the most stressful positions, which is no surprise. What might be a surprise – at least for those not planning trade show events – is number 6: events and tradeshow planners. Creating an exciting concept, coordinating the logistics, finding the vendors and help that you need…all of this can cause those nice tension headaches and deep forehead furrows. How can you relieve stress and achieve goals?

There are deadlines to meet, suppliers to contact, audiences to wow. To make it easier – not easy, but easier – here are a few steps brands can take:


  • Invest in an exhibit with the “wow factor.”  Tradeshows are a major investment, to be sure. Creating a standout exhibit is stressful in itself! Often brands have exciting ideas, but no clear path to turn them into a cohesive display. Start with your objectives: what do you want to achieve?


If you think it’d be awesome to have a fireworks show with a brand ambassador being shot out of a cannon – well, that would be awesome. But would it help you meet your objectives? You can find the wow factor that helps you achieve your goals. The display will be built around these objectives. Once you know the direction, the trip is less stressful.

  • Shipping your collateral together.  Not only does it take days to load and unload collateral, you have to worry about it being broken or lost in transit. You have to worry about the box truck from the warehouse getting lost or being delayed. What if you have to rent furniture, at a premium, or run to Staples to get supplies at the last minute? Shipping container displays allow you to ship everything, from signage to staff uniforms, together. No losses; no surprises.


  • Use an organization you can trust. It is difficult to trust third-parties to help with your tradeshow events because of the enormous cost and pressures brands face. Choosing an organization that can coordinate, transport, set up, and tear down events can alleviate the worry. Does your tradeshow organization have its own fleet of trucks? Does it have a trained staff to deliver, set up, and tear down? Does it have a reliable track record?


Demands, deadlines, changes, uncertainty… tradeshows are nothing if not pressure-cookers. But they are also terrific opportunities to engage, create buzz, and generate leads. Taking the time to design a winning display or exhibit around your brand goals, trusting the right third-party, and keeping a clear head can help take the edge off. Not too much edge, though – you need a little to keep you on your toes and wow the crowds.

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