3 Ways To Make Shipping Container Designs Stand Out


When you hear “shipping container design,” what do you think of? Static boxes that are unchangeable or, at best, simply modifiable? Structures that, while strong and stable, are little more than rectangular spaces? At Boxman Studios we’re excited about changing what you envision when you hear the term “shipping container architecture.” Here are a few ways we’re doing just that.

Letting the Light Shine In

Shipping containers are designed for function first. Transporting goods across the ocean doesn’t require windows or skylights – but building immersive brand experiences and wowing your audience does. Which is why our design team has made integrating natural light a priority.

This came to fruition with one of our recent projects. The TaylorMade experience, a golf lover’s dream shop, posed a challenge: how can we maximize storage and light? We installed clerestory windows, which are placed above eye-level. This way, we could use the lower wall space for storage and the upper portion, which might be otherwise wasted, for natural lighting.

From windows to entire walls of glass, Boxman Studios can integrate natural light so you can transform a dark container into a comfortable, inviting, and airy space that pulls visitors in for a closer look at your brand, and a more intimate conversation.

Showing Customers a New Side of Tradeshows

Picture a busy, chaotic tradeshow. Brands are all vying for attention with their pipe-and-drape booths and pop-up tents. Then there’s your experience: a custom-built shipping container with a second level or deck that invites attendees to come on up and see the whole show from a new perspective.

Multiple stories and decks, especially in unexpected venues like tradeshows, offer the opportunity to give your audience a unique vantage point. While other brands will be stuck down at eye level, a shipping container with a second-story boosts guests to about 15 feet above the crowd. Additionally, your branding opportunities also just got a lift high above the trade show floor.

Custom Builds

At Boxman Studios, we’re not happy with replicating what we did yesterday. We want to continue to push the boundaries – and to help you shine with your audience. This is why we don’t limit you to standard shipping container sizes or configurations.

Custom-built containers open the door to new design possibilities. You don’t have to worry about a 20-foot container being too small or a 40-foot being too large. You don’t have to worry about fitting a square (or rectangular) peg in a round hole; nonstandard footprints can be accommodated easily.

This level of customization means we don’t have to rely on simply modifying boxes. We can actually create brand experiences that are tailor made to your exact specifications and help you make the most out of both your container environment, and your overall event space.

In the end, we’re changing what we think of when we hear “shipping container design” too. Every day, we envision what we can do tomorrow, and then we work to make it a reality.