3 Ways Shipping Container Displays Can Make Trade Shows Easy


This post was originally published on 6/11/2013. Due to its popularity, it was updated with new information on 6/20/2018.


Trade shows and easy: two words that planners don’t often put together. Trade show participation is a challenge, combining the pressure of a complex, time-sensitive logistical operation with the unique opportunity for one-on-one branded customer interactions. This mix keeps exhibitors on their toes and pushes them to deliver stellar performances.

Imagine if you could maximize your performance at a trade show and eliminate the last-minute set-up glitches.

Using a container as the backbone of the display puts an infrastructure in place to streamline the process – from transporting materials to set-up, to reduced drayage costs, to wowing customers with a memorable brand experience.

Here are the three ways a shipping container display will help you stand out:


  1. Benefit from Fast, Convenient Setup.

In Boxman’s Trade Show experience, shipping container displays can take on average ¼ of the time to set up than a tent or other conventional displays. At MILCOM 2017, Boxman Studios created an iconic structure for Deloitte, complete with visually stunning displays, flexible layout for varied expo footprints, and easy-change pannels to customize their look and messaging for future shows. Intuitive mobility and versatility of the structure mean Deloitte will have no problem easily activating their space at ongoing event engagements.


  1. Command Presence.

Imagine you’re a guest at a trade show walking by all the typical displays. You see rows and rows of similar exhibits. But there’s one that stands out; one that has edgy, crisp lines. You look closer; it has interactive experiences, charging stations, personalized photo opportunities, a lounge, music, fun products to try out, and a buzzing crowd. Why listen to pitches and look through pamphlets when you could be there, in that intriguing, and temperature-controlled club? That could be your trade show booth! If you build it, they will come.


  1. Save Money On Time and Labor.

Many arenas and conference centers charge for storage, and they’re not shy about their prices. Rates typically run by the square foot, per hour, and can add a significant amount to your overall costs. Presenters can save on these union labor costs by leveraging the modularity of a customized shipping container display. Instead of spending time storing and locking up assets during the off-hours, simply close up shop, lock up, and secure your assets.


During a trade show, exhibitors should be able to focus most of their energy on interacting with those interested, excited customers. The simplicity of a portable shipping container trade show booth puts that goal within reach.