3 Places to Launch a Mobile Teaching Kitchen


With an increased public interest in health and wellness and the medical community’s ever-changing opinion about proper nutrition, as well as an increased need for middle-level jobs in food service, the community as a whole is in dire need of some education. Our solution? Teaching kitchens. You may have seen them before, but never quite like this. With a few tweaks and a container, mobile kitchens are a great means of engaging and reaching a wide variety of people for a multitude of reasons. Here are three areas that are perfect for capitalizing on this movement in a modular and mobile way.

School Campuses

After school programs for kids are the ideal way to introduce a solid foundation and knowledge of cooking skills, nutrition best-practices, sustainable growing and crop harvesting. Tactile learning gives teachers an opportunity to build excitement and pride around their student’s education. For higher education campuses, it’s a great opportunity to bring recognition to a culinary program while providing another dining option for students. With a container build, we empower you to take your concept nationwide, providing critical education in a well-designed space.

Medical Centers

According to Dr. David Eisenberg in this article, “Only 27 percent of U.S. medical schools teach the recommended 25 hours of nutrition, and even then the content is mostly biochemistry rather than “practical” advice about diet. Few physicians (14%) report feeling adequately trained in nutrition counseling.”

A teaching kitchen is the perfect way to educate doctors, medical students, and patients about adopting or revamping a healthy lifestyle. You can help bridge the gap between food and nutrition by providing an intimate and hands-on experience for patients and their families.

Work-Learn Programs in Community Shelters

According to the Brookings Institution, approximately 45 percent of job openings in the next ten years will be in “middle level” jobs that may require a high school diploma but not necessarily a bachelor’s degree.

Mobile teaching kitchens provide a space to reengage and teach disadvantaged members of the community soft skills required in a food service or hospitality profession. Putting a container teaching kitchen within arm’s reach is only the beginning of revitalizing their confidence and subsequently, reintroducing them into the workforce.

The possibilities for creating mobile kitchen experiences are endless. Whether your structure is temporary and moves from location to location, or is permanently on site on a college campus, we can make your project a reality. Contact us to find out how.