Why Shipping Containers are the Sustainable Solution


Sustainability and reusability are the cornerstones of shipping container architecture, and at Boxman Studios we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. Every day, we reduce our environmental footprint by introducing reusable, recyclable, and eco-friendly materials to our projects. Here are a few ways we help our clients make a big impact on their audience and a smaller impact on the environment.

Being a LEEDing Example of Repurposing and Reusing

For one of our recent projects, we worked with a leading high-tech company to transform a warehouse into a modern, comfortable office space. Inside are several shipping containers, configured to create open, airy offices and conference rooms.

The building is LEED Gold Certified, a designation that indicates it meets rigorous standards for green building. And aside from it being a functional space that invites collaboration, it also helps reinforce the culture of the company while telling a brand story that is engaging and interesting for visitors.

Designing Multipurpose Applications

This same ingenuity can be applied to virtually any application. For example, transit lines are always searching for ways to accommodate waiting passengers. A shipping container can easily become a coffee shop, a gift or souvenir store, a bar where people can grab a drink on their evening commutes, or even a branded shelter from weather.

Shipping containers reduce the need for new construction, new materials, and new land. By repurposing their existing structures, reusing building materials, and utilizing existing land, your organization can have a “green” and environmentally conscious application.

Making a Statement

More companies are showing an interest in using shipping containers as a reliable foundation for their sustainability message. This helps environmentally conscious brands make a statement that carries more weight because their foundations underscore their message: It’s about being smart and using what we already have. Making the old new – and exciting – is just part of the service we provide here at Boxman Studios.