What Qualities Does Boxman Studios Look For in Strategic Partners?


Since our inception in 2009, our belief in “betterment” has been the driving force for innovation that pushes us into new territories. It’s even pushing us across into new places on the planet. As Boxman Studios expands into international markets, we are committed to forming strategic partnerships with fabricators, design companies, resellers, and others in our industry that pursue new ways to create unique shipping container experiences. How do we know when we find a great fit? What qualities signal that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship?

1. Share a Common Purpose

Since day one, Boxman Studios has worked to build a global brand. Now we need relationships with those who believe what we believe. We’re looking for like-minded people who are interested in safety, design, and functionality. When a client approaches one of our partners in another part of the world, we need to know that their modified shipping container is going to be designed, built, installed, and utilized properly.

2. Believe in Betterment

Our partners adhere to our philosophy of Betterment and commit themselves to this idea of continual improvement. They ask themselves, “How can we improve what we’re doing through change, not through maintenance?” We’ve never been big on the status quo, and so neither are our strategic partners.

3. Pay Attention to Detail

You may have noticed we’re sticklers for quality and safety. Our clients not only place their trust in us to deliver amazing experiences but also to ensure the wellbeing of everyone who interacts with their spaces. In turn, we trust our partners to uphold Boxman Studios’ standards throughout every step of the process, from initial phone call to event activation.

4. Maintain Open Lines of Communication

Our design process is interactive. The creative minds at Boxman Studios thrive on give-and-take, and our partners and clients are an essential part of this process. Everyone benefits and grows when communication is open and ongoing.

5. Foster a Culture of Reciprocity

While our partners utilize our expertise and best practices, we depend on them to keep pushing us in new directions, and to new heights. The next great idea could come from Charlotte, Beijing, London, or Canada – and we want to hear it.

Seamless Experiences

We can deploy units all over the world, but what we want are partners who are part of those communities. Instead of acting as distributors, they facilitate business development of their own. Whether a client wants their shipping container modified at Boxman Studios in Charlotte, or Boxman Studios in Brussels, it makes no difference. The experience will be seamless for our customers.

For clients, this creates efficiencies on logistics. We can build here in North America and ship overseas, but we could save our customers money by building in the country where the experience launches and lives. When we make shipping container architecture more accessible, everyone wins.

We admit it: we’re picky. Boxman Studios wants the best of the best. With these qualities as a foundation, we’re confident that our strategic partners around the world will deliver the outstanding shipping container experiences for which we are known. Our goal is to maintain Boxman Studios’ standards no matter where in the world we design, develop, and deploy.