The Hallmark Of A Great Shipping Container Space That Your Customers Never See


When your audience steps inside of your customized, branded shipping container environment and says “Wow!” – you’ve done your job, and we’ve done ours. When they feel compelled to share their experience with their friends via social media, you know you’ve created an experience that they’ll remember long after the event is over.

Every step of the Boxman Studios’ process is designed for this kind of outcome, and it all starts with the Work Order. And while a Work Order document doesn’t generate much “wow” on its own, they’re critical components to the overall success of your immersive brand experience.

What is a Work Order?

An effective Work Order answers two questions:

  • What do we need to do in order to design, develop, and deploy this modified shipping container project?
  • What specific process will ensure optimal efficiency of both labor and materials?

When our team designs an experience, they develop a Bill of Materials (BOM). This includes the stamped engineered drawings (i.e. drawn and signed by, or under the supervision of, a licensed engineer) associated with the project and a rundown of all the pieces and parts necessary to build the project. Everything that goes into a modified shipping container experience, from door hinges to removable wall assemblies, is listed in the BOM.

Once we create the design and know exactly what it will take to turn a steel box into a high-ROI experience, we attach a labor burden, or expectations associated with the time and manpower required to fulfill a project, to ensure that we properly allocate resources and price the project correctly.

Ensuring the Best Service – and the Best Outcome

Our structured approach Work Order guarantees:

  • Consistent Quality. While your end-product will be unique and specifically tailored to your brand goals and objectives, the process we use to create and test them is standardized. This way, we maintain the highest level of safety and quality on every project.
  • Efficiency. As the modified shipping container industry expands, our standardized processes gives us a competitive edge. If our team can build something in four hours that takes our competitors eight, then we have a pricing advantage – one that we pass on to our customers so that they see savings as well.

The Work Order is a behind-the-scenes process, but a critical component of a every successful deployment. But rest assured, no one’s going to leave your immersive shipping container environment saying, “Man, that Work Order must have been fantastic!”

However, if they leave saying, “That was the best experience I’ve had with a brand,” then we’ve done our job to create a meaningful experience. And we’ve met our own high standard.