Know Before You Go: What to Ask Your Exhibit Designer


Over the years, we’ve been at some of North America’s top events. From the Final Four to the Rose Bowl, and from Fashion Week to SXSW, we routinely activate at the kinds of events brands want to be a part of. And we’ve learned some pretty important things along the way.

Before your brand commits to attending an event this year, here are a few questions you need to consider.

Is It Safe? 

Every brand wants to attract as many fans as possible when they’re at an event. And why not? Once you attract your audience you can engage them directly, and engagement is where relationships are kindled. While our structures are something like “people magnets” at events, the real beauty is that they’re built to be safe for human interaction and engagement. Our adherence to strict safety measures is what separates us from our competition.

Wet Engineered Stamped Drawings – this ensures that the project has been approved by a real engineer. Not electronically signed off as part of an automated process.

Quality Construction – we build to ASME standards – the highest craftsmanship standards in the United States. The result is a structure that’s as safe as it is cool.

Is It Legal? 

Every municipality has its own set of codes that temporary structures must adhere to. The last thing you want is to build and deliver a great concept only to learn that you’re legally not allowed to activate. That’s why we get involved in the permitting process early on. We’ve been to enough places to know what’s expected. And if we’re going to a place we’ve never been, we know who to contact to ensure that you’re compliant.

Life Safety Plan – this is intended to provide an overview of code-related items regarding common and critical areas of concern.

Up To Code – because our structures are so unique, we oftentimes have to work with municipalities directly to help them understand shipping container modification in terms of how it relates to their codes. Additionally, our structures are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) complaint.

What About Weather? 

If there’s one thing that no one can predict, it’s the weather. That said, once we know what part of the country we’re activating, we take all precautions necessary to ensure that it canwithstand virtually any weather scenario that arises.

Insulation – you might be surprised to know that proper insulation is as relevant for warm weather climates as cold. Additionally, proper insulation helps enhance acoustics. Let the engagement begin.

Worst Case Scenarios – from snow loads in the midwest, to earthquakes in California, to hurricane force winds along the Gulf Coast—you need to ensure your structure is going to stand up to whatever weather conditions arise.

When you work with us, we ask the questions that matter. Because we know from experience what it takes for an activation to succeed. Even if you don’t work with us, we hope that you’ll use these guidelines