Get a Cost-Effective Campaign Without Compromising Safety


At Boxman Studios, we believe that your budget reflects what you can spend – not the results you’ll achieve through your branded shipping container experience. Because we provide custom solutions, there is no absolute when it comes to price; but when there are monetary constraints in play, our team works diligently with you to alleviate them, while also building something within budget and of course to the highest standards possible.

A Leaner, Meaner Boxman Studios

Under our guiding philosophy of betterment, we seek to improve ourselves through change. That means constantly working towards greater efficiency. The types of questions we ask ourselves on every project include: Which alternative materials can cut costs without sacrificing safety? How do we streamline our manufacturing process to reduce labor costs? Can we save our clients money by building lighter units, and then transporting them with more fuel-efficient, lighter-gauge trucks?

Much of our value proposition is in the transformation associated with what we do. For example, we can deploy a unit with an 8×20’ footprint on a truck that turns into a 20×25’ footprint on the ground. And we can ensure that it sets up efficiently to help limit the labor costs involved in set-up and breakdown.

Ensuring a Return-on-Investment (ROI) for Our Clients

Innovation is fueled by creativity, but it’s funded with money. There’s no way around it: creating a knockout immersive brand experience is a significant undertaking. That’s why we’re so committed to ensuring that our clients see a healthy ROI.

Boxman Studios is always mindful of our clients’ financial needs; if anything, budget caps prompt even more creativity as we develop unique solutions.

We’ve figured out how to manufacture removable walls; we’ve figured out how to stack multiple units in non-conforming configurations; we’ve figured out how to develop relevant and rigorous safety codes. We can figure out a way to work within your budget.

Coming Soon to Boxman Studios

In the coming months, we will roll out our new financing options. This will give our valued clients a way to work out payment schedules that meets their budgetary needs.

Cost is always variable; let us show you why we charge what we charge – and how it adds value to your campaign.