Finding Innovative Materials for Your Shipping Container Experience


At Boxman Studios, we constantly source new materials and new vendors so that we can meet every customer’s unique needs and extend the boundaries of what’s possible with shipping containers. It’s important that we find and use materials that are:

Lighter. Weight is always a big issue. The lighter we can make the units, the better.

Waterproof. We’re Murphy’s Law type of people: if you’re counting on sun, plan on rain! Waterproof materials are also important for kitchen activations, bars, and lounges – anywhere that spills are possible.

Recycled. Sustainability and environmental responsibility have always been important to us. Recycled material reduces our environmental impact, so everyone wins.

Innovative. We are always on the lookout for products that are innovative enough to solve a problem for our clients. When you job is to create new ways for people to interact, you have to think outside of traditional boundaries.

Spotlight on Three New Products

What’s new and exciting at Boxman Studios? Here’s a quick look at three new materials/products that help us serve you more effectively:

Grout. Electrolux’s mobile kitchen is ground breaking in many ways. With the innovative appliances and interactive displays, it’d be easy to overlook the grout. But it’s actually an important component of the kitchen. Electrolux wanted a glass tile backsplash, but flex and torque during transport would shatter the glass. We sourced a specialized grout mixture that has a rubberized compound, allowing the grout to give under the pressure to ensure that everything arrives intact even after traveling hundreds or thousands of miles over highway.

Waterproof flooring. We recently brought in a new type of flooring that is water- and mildew-proof. We first tested it in-house to make sure that it lived up to its unique selling proposition. To test it, we submerged a piece of the flooring in a bucket of water and let it sit for a day. When we removed it, it didn’t peel or expand. And as it dried, it didn’t warp or crack.

Vinyl Awnings. When our clients use awnings, they often want them branded. And for good reason. Along with protecting people from the elements, our gullwing awning system provides high visibility for attracting an audience. In the past, we would print branding messages on the material. Only the more it was used, the faster the ink chipped off.

We have since established a relationship with a new company that manufacturers a stretchable awning material – a real game-changer in our industry. These awnings are taut and fitted, and the ink doesn’t chip off. When the awnings get dirty, we just wash it. It’s a beautiful, versatile material that has made a big difference in helping our clients leave an impact on their audience.

Betterment. It means constantly seeking out ways to improve our structures and the experiences for people who congregate in them.