3 Reasons Shipping Containers are Right for the Oil and Gas Industry


Imagine frigid winds with the mercury plunging to -30, -40°. Or how about temperatures soaring to 115-120° under the searing sun. Dangerous temperatures, wind, rain, ice, hurricanes, and other environmental hazards wreak havoc on conventional buildings and structures. And the oil and gas industry tends to inhabit some of the most extreme locations on the planet. So how can this essential industry benefit from shipping containers?

1. Conventional Modular Construction Isn’t Up to the Job

Oil and gas companies typically rely on conventional modular construction for their facilities. Moving a modular container to an oil rig in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico is no easy task. The journey itself could cause severe wear and tear before the structure even begins its useful life.

The problem is that most modular buildings don’t stand up well under extreme conditions. Maintenance and repair is often difficult and expensive – resulting in an extensive and constant undertaking.

2. Shipping Containers: Made Tough and Made to Move

Think about it: shipping containers were made to endure extreme conditions and raw weather. ISO containers are built to be extremely resilient and mobile. Plus, containers are modular. You can customize them for virtually any purpose and ensure it is built for easy maintenance and the highest level of safety.

Ideal for the oil and gas industry where extreme conditions are matched only by the need to shift and change, shipping containers can be outfitted for optimal access for repair, upgrades, and modernization. They can also be modified to accommodate different purposes: for example, a storage unit can become temporary housing or a conference space.

In remote locations, there is a dire need for durable facilities – particularly when it comes to housing. Sadly, it’s not uncommon for employees to sleep in their vehicles while working a site. A shipping container moves quickly, and offers access to climate controlled quarters, ventilation, water hookups, and even satellite TV or Wi-Fi. We can accommodate any details, but the basics of safety and shelter are baked into our solutions.

3. A Strong ROI

Conventional modular construction saves money in the short term. But when you factor in the cost of maintenance and repair – from simple frozen pipes to major damage to the structure’s integrity – costs add up. Additionally, when you are ready to move to a new site, most modular buildings aren’t pliable or durable enough to make the move without more maintenance. Shipping containers alleviate these concerns. Durable as they are mobile, when you’re ready to move, all you have to do is pack up and relocate. In the end, all you have to do is just add people.

Modular, durable, versatile, and mobile – shipping containers are a cost-effective long-term solution for oil and gas companies.