The Evolution of the Concession Stand


There’s nothing that screams American tradition quite like the concession stand. You’ve got your hotdogs, popcorn, candy and sodas. It’s the final piece of the trilogy that is the sports experience: big game, tailgating and food.


The reality of the modern concession stand is that food offerings are changing. Many vendors are embracing healthier options as add-ons to their traditional menu. Game-goers are eager for fresh eats and enjoy being able to see their food being prepared. The people have spoken: it’s all about high-quality food and a comfortable price. This means a more diverse arena when it comes to types of fare available. Vendors are smarting up and coming directly to the consumer.


Stands are also becoming centers for creativity – in menu and in structural design. Vendors are taking a retail approach by offering an experience to go alongside the product. This means more stands are getting away from uniformity by creating visually appealing spaces that draw your eye, and draw you in.


Technological innovations will allow fans to order directly from their seat with mobile devices. This service is already available at certain stadiums in exclusive skyboxes for season ticket holders. Not sold? We’re also seeing evidence of a more automated process at self-serve stations for beverages. On several university campuses, there is an option to sync a student’s meal plan with stadium concession offerings. Pretty cool!

For the purists at heart, fear not! Traditional grub is still a primary focus for vendors. It’s all about speed of service, a quality product, and a new experience. And whether you grab a veggie wrap or a bucket of nachos, count on it leading to an unforgettable gameday experience and a pretty large food baby!

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