New Shipping Container Bar: Watering Hole


Boxman Studios is proud to introduce Watering Hole, the newest shipping container bar in their Performance Product Line. Large, smooth panels, coupled with corrugate details give owners the industrial feel of a modified container while ensuring brand visibility and effortless cool-factor. Sporting a sizeable walk-in cooler and optional upper deck, customers can take in the view, while they wait for their brew.

“I am so proud of our team for identifying a need in the market place, and doing all the leg-work to realize the concept at a great price point,” Said David Campbell, CEO Boxman Studios. “Watering Hole gives Food and Beverage businesses a new way of interacting with their customers.”

The pre-engineered plans and value-engineered designs allow the Boxman Studios team to deliver the completed structure much faster than their custom work and at an optimal price point for entry-level businesses. Equipment packages and customization options available.  For more information, or to receive a quote, go to or call 704-333-373

Key Features

  • 8′ x 20′ footprint
  • Walk-in cooler standard
  • Mixed material finish (flat panels with corrugate accents)
  • FRP walls
  • Three (3) awnings
  • Employee access
  • Open-air work area

Technical Features

  • Three (3) Service windows
  • Three (3) awnings
  • Upper level, counters and technology packages available