Jumpstart your Shipping Container Restaurant


Know your Menu

Any successful restaurateur will tell you, if you don’t have a menu, you don’t have anything. You might have the coolest spot in a 10 mile radius, but if your food is bad, patrons will burn up their gas to get away. Food comes first. Always. So don’t skip over this part just because your dream is to serve oysters out of a shipping container in Charleston.

Know your Locations

Now that your menu is perfected, how do you know which location will be perfect for you to start up your business? Our recommendation: San Francisco. We were just there for Superbowl 50 and the restaurant industry is booming! Defined by an increase in number of restaurant outlets, number of transactions and ticket sizes, studies conducted by international payment processing company First Data, shows that San Francisco has a rapidly growing restaurant industry.

San Francisco exhibits more diversity in types of restaurants when compared to other cities like New York, so no matter what kind of food you cook, you’ll be welcome.

Know your Aesthetic

Some people love the shipping container look, some don’t. That’s okay. Our team of designers and engineers make shipping containers look like palaces, make purpose-built structures look like shipping containers and everything in between. You can be sure, all of them come out looking good enough to eat. Maybe you like the idea of a nomadic restaurant, but can’t imagine working out of a food truck. Maybe you want to stay put forever. The level of flexibility that comes with a Boxman Modular or Shipping Container restaurant is nothing like any other builder or contractor in the industry.

Call Boxman Studios

For more information on building your own shipping container or modular restaurant, contact Boxman Studios through our website or call us at 704.333.3733.