Food Trucks to Start Putting Down Roots


It seems that last year was the year of food trucks. These roaming cuisine mobiles have flooded the streets providing easily accessible and eclectic gourmet options. Expanding beyond the theme park and food festival routes, these businesses have become a financial force in the food and restaurant industry.

So, now that the nomadic restaurants are experiencing great success, how can these businesses evolve to put down some roots and reintroduce more high-touch service into their repertoire? 2016 will be the year of the semi-permanent to permanent restaurant.

There is a key difference between a traditional brick and mortar restaurant and the Boxman Studios semi-permanent to permanent model. They don’t require that you either move or stay put.

Using shipping containers and purpose built structures, companies are creating modular structures that can be picked up and moved via semi-truck or installed and left to flourish. The flexibility that comes with these structures allow for business owners, particularly those in the high-risk food service industry, to decide if a location is working or if it’s a flop.

College campuses, popular fast food restaurants and local mom and pops are jumping on the semi-permanent bandwagon. A nomadic full-service kitchen is an affordable and flexible option for chefs that specialize in everything from hearty pub bites to fine cuisine.