Develop a Dining Experience


Early this year, QSR Magazine, the leading source of information for the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant industries, provided their annual list of top industry trends (see here). Among the top contenders are real food, chef-driven fast causals, and mindful dining. The industry has been calling for authentic dining for a while. Where the list took an interesting turn is going to be a huge game-changer for the QSR industry.

Nontraditional Dining Experience

While single-use stores and drive-through lanes remain indispensable, the QSR has changed where it belongs in the proverbial food chain.
From QSR Magazine:
“Food courts, for instance, have long been part of the limited-service restaurant landscape, but there’s a growing interest in creating new food halls that combine counter-service eateries along with retailers that sell fresh produce, meats, kitchen gear, and more. Some restaurants are using flexible dining concepts—quick service for lunch and full service for dinner. And dining out can now occur at your home, the office, or elsewhere due to expanded catering and delivery services.”

Facilitating a Destination Feel with QSR Efficiencies

Providing a nontraditional destination for a unique dining experience is a home-run, in theory. In practice, the process becomes a little more complicated. The catch is, truly nontraditional dining locations are, by nature, not prepared with the infrastructure to facilitate a QSR’s equipment, service, or logistical needs.
That’s where the underlying trend emerges: container restaurants.

Container Restaurants

Adding a QSR to a location without the proper infrastructure is doable, but means offsite construction is absolutely necessary. Purpose-built or shipping container solutions are ideal for QSR concepts because they offer benefits that traditional stick and brick built restaurants can’t match.

Every week a restaurant isn’t open, it’s losing 2% of its profits. That might sound miniscule, but those little percentages add up when you’re still looking at the foundation of your stick-built structure that should have been open for business 3 months ago.

Boxman Studios’ container restaurants arrive with a level of finish that allows them to be operational within days. They can accommodate everything from full service gourmet kitchens to warm service lines and drive-throughs. And, the best part is we can put them nearly anywhere.