Chef in the Box


What is it about French cuisine that not only tastes delicious, but also sounds delicious? It’s what makes a bowl of chicken stew a delectable dish of Coq Au Vin. Each dish uses the same ingredients, but as our award-winning, Paris-trained chef Christopher Zion says, “The art is in what you do with those ingredients.”

Boxman Restaurant Chef

While other kids in his Charlotte neighborhood were eating bologna sandwiches for lunch, Zion was tinkering around the kitchen with his French mother, developing a palate for exquisite food. It wasn’t until he took a year off of college studying classical history and got a job in a restaurant that he realized cooking was not only a passion, but something he naturally excelled at. When he started impressing world-class French chefs at the Cordon Bleu school in Paris, he knew he had something special.

Charlotte knew it, too. Within months after opening the Meeting House and ONEO Bistro & Wine Bar, both restaurants were rated in the Queen City’s top five. Since selling those restaurants, Zion’s success has continued to grow, and his passion for creating healthy, organic delicious recipes has, too.

Long-time friend of David Campbell, Zion caught the vision of our mobile restaurant idea easily. “The problem initially was narrowing down a concept,” reflects Zion. “The possibilities were endless. What we came up with in the end what was important to us: creating a unique mobile venue that offered unpretentious, organic, flavorful and affordable food.”

We think you’re going to love our menu that features organic, locally-grown ingredients for sandwiches, paninis, flatbread thin crust personal pizzas, soups and salads. Zion says, “We honestly don’t know what to expect … which is the fun part. We’re going to start off simple and see where it goes.”


Story submitted by Kara Schwab