5 Trends you’ll Notice in the ’16 Restaurant Scene


Delivery isn’t just for pizza and chinese anymore

Restaurants aren’t going to be the only businesses fighting over your food dollars this year. Meal-in-a box companies, grocery stores, tech companies, anyone that makes food or owns a car will be bringing meals to your door step. The mobilization of food isn’t just about your phone’s high aptitude for convenience, it’s about easy accessibility in the real-world.

Getting back to our roots with ‘clean eating’ and ‘paleo’ menus

We spent pretty much all of last year listening to consumers attack Big Food for using chemicals and additives. Look out for the healthification of fast-casual and fast food dining. Your fitspiration Instagram hasn’t gone unnoticed. Restaurants are going to start offering, even featuring, healthful and nutritious meals across the board.

No more carb-tation, because pasta is going *poof*

On the same note, pasta sales are dropping. It’s not a crisis, but number-crunchers and Atkins dieters are starting to notice. We’ll be seeing much more nutritious options popping up in restaurants and food-supply companies like quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, spelt, barley and chia. You’ll have to look a little harder to find Lasagna Bolognese, but your gut will thank you.

And then there was fried chicken

In the exact opposite direction, forecasters are calling for fried chicken to storm the nation. The south gave us the original, now chefs are expanding on that palate and getting creative with flavors and textures that accompany this deep-fried tradition.

Retailers want their share of the pie

We’ve already become accustomed to retailers luring us in with snacks and meals. PetSmart is selling Twizzlers. Case closed. But this year, they’re coming back for seconds. Retailers are cashing in on the coveted “dwell time” which means customers will spend more time in the store, buy more products, and leave more money in the register. Theme parks boarded this ride ages ago. Now retailers are partnering up with restaurants to add full service kitchens to many store locations.

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