3 Ways Breweries Benefit from a Mobile Bar


A bar is so much more than a place to sip on your favorite frosty beverage. Breweries are a community gathering space, a therapist’s office, a celebration venue, and so much more. But running a craft beer business isn’t easy. The uncertainty of market conditions, brand identity, and the challenges of spreading the word about your growing business can be overwhelming. With competition growing leaps and bounds, how can your brewery connect with your customers in a completely new way?

Where’s The Wow Factor?

Are you more concerned with making great first impressions or updating your established brand? Either way, you should be focused on making a visual impact. The beer is why they love you, but your atmosphere is what keeps a loyal tribe coming back to your taproom. Capturing attention requires identifiable visual elements that make sense for your brand and function well for your business. Some breweries have success with Edison lights and copper details, others focus on a bright, airy atmosphere. When designing container bars for beer festivals and events, we prefer to consider the intention and authenticity behind your brand. What makes you special and how can that translate into an impactful display?

Easy Mobility

Let’s face it, festivals and events are a grueling undertaking. Do you ever think, “Maybe we shouldn’t this time?” Is it going to be worth the money, time, and effort? When using a mobile container bar, one of the most notable benefits is how easy they are to open and set up. Think about how much time and energy a turnkey mobile bar saves when compared to activating a 10’x10’ tent with a full staff setting up and running kegs. Would you think twice about your next event if you knew your activation would be easier, and look better than all the other guys around you?

Market Testing

When starting a new business or entering a new market, you’re taking a big risk. How will the community respond? You want to share your unique beer experience with new customers, but what if it doesn’t take? Market testing allows breweries to validate a new location before investing in a new set-up or tap house. Think of it like testing the waters. Dip your feet, to see what works well, before you take off. Using a temporary shipping container bar means you have the flexibility to change course if a trial location isn’t working out.

We want to help you share your vision with the community. Through attention-grabbing aesthetics, easy mobility, and market validation, a container bar can help you to grow your brewery in ways you never thought possible!

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