3 Essentials for Attending Craft Beer Events


It doesn’t matter if you’re an up-and-coming brewer, or a seasoned master, beer events ought to be about the business. These are the times when you’re able to make connections, grow your network, and learn from brewers all over the world. However, all of the ‘business’ shouldn’t stop you from having some fun too. So, here are some essential items you’ll need to bring the business and fun together at your next beer event.

  1. Pretzel Jewelry

You’ve played this game before. You know exactly what beer will do after a long day and an empty stomach. Don’t fall victim to hunger and high abv. Arrive prepared with your own snack jewelry.

Some prefer the traditional route, and bring along a tried-and-true pretzel necklace. They fill you up and they’re a salty complement to everything from a bitter IPA to a fruity sour.

Others get creative, constructing intricate designs and patterns that let the rest of the attendees know, they mean business…mostly.

Or, for the more practical participant, opt for a standard necklace or the less-seen but always appreciated bracelets, with a couple of tasty additions like wrapped cheese or beef sticks. Food will be expensive inside the event, and who doesn’t love a little meat and cheese to chew on while trying new and innovative beer recipes?

  1. Branded bumper stickers- or some other collateral

Craft beer has an amazing aptitude for developing brand loyalty. When people decide they like your beer, especially local breweries, they stick with it. Forever. So, why not use the people that love you to your advantage? Bring stickers- they’ll decorate their cars, laptops, book bags- anything. Now, they’re walking billboards with your brand. Not just in the event, but again after the sun has risen and they aren’t sure if it’s a stomach bug or something else.

  1. Labels and descriptions

If you’re exhibiting at the event, don’t forget large labels. Please. Not everyone has the same tastes, and that goes double for beer. The last thing you want is to watch an attendee wait in line forever only to discover you didn’t bring along their beer of choice. If you set up signs that we can see from the back, you’ll save the picky drinkers some time and thirst. They’ll thank you for it, I promise.

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