We’ve been creating custom shipping container environments for global brands since 2009. In doing so we are constantly learning and refining our process to provide the best client service and end-user experiences possible. If you’ve ever wanted insight into a specific build, or you’re just curious about how we operate, take a look at our case studies and be sure to keep checking back as we add more down the road.

US Cellular case study  Samsung case study  Office Depot case study  Ford case study Google case study  Red Bull case study  Delta Case Study  Cetco Case Study


“…you’ll have a 500 square foot party venue that is possibly nicer than your actual home: bamboo floors, bar seating for six, and marble countertops—powered entirely by sunlight.” –

“We’re proud of the efforts we all made to debut the first use of a Boxman Studio unit as a performance space,” – Sarah Shewey, TEDActive

“Boxman Studios was great for our ‘Rock the Rivals’ test drive event with MINI USA. It provided an ideal environment for the MINI staff to interact with customers and sell cars. I will definitely use Boxman again!” – Ken Thomas, NC Music Factory

“The guys at Boxman are super great to work with and bent over backwards to make sure every detail was taken care of. We couldn’t be happier.” – Natalie Popkin, BMW

“Boxman Studios offers a classy place to enjoy a party. Unlike tents, the container is quick, lower impact, and much more durable. Plus it’s about the hippest way to green your summer shindigs.” Inhabitat magazine

“Boxman Studios was a great match for the Ford Focus Electric tour. From the bamboo floors, to the LED lights, to the fact that the venue itself is recyclable, Boxman Studios helps to embody the eco-friendly message that Ford wants to communicate.” – Brett Rent, Action Marketing

“Boxman Studios has been fantastic to work with. Everything from structural customization to the logistics of delivery, setup and transportation of the COVERGIRL box have been great. There are a lot of moving pieces to the Covergirl project and Boxman Studios has been able to accommodate any curve ball thrown their way. The overall experience working with Boxman has been a great one and they have proven to be a very trusted partner for G7″ – Chappel McCollister, G7 Marketing


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