Boxman Studios Standard Features

They’ve traversed massive continents and crossed great oceans. Our repurposed shipping containers can handle your needs. And while we maintain inventory for 20’ and 40’ venues outfitted with standard features like furniture and lighting that are ready to go on a moments notice, we specialize in designing, developing and deploying  custom experiences for virtually any purpose. For the custom stuff, click here.

Standard Features include:

  • Flatscreen TV
  • Bamboo floors and stainless steel trim
  • Powered with 4:120 volt outlets (powers TVs, DJ booth, extra lighting, refrigerators, etc.)
  • Couch seating for 20 Bar area with 6 stools/seats
  • Adjustable gullwing awnings 500 square feet of space for dancing, or gaming, or mingling (really, it’s up to you)
  • Atmospheric lighting DIRECTV
  • Built in CD player and radio ADA accessible

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  • Boxman Studios Standard Features